Owning and managing your own business can be daunting.  Are you spending all your time putting out fires instead of being strategic and smart about how you spend your time?

Take a deep breath.

Help is here.

Deborah Gallant of Bold Business Works has been working with solo entrepreneurs for 15 years, helping give them intelligent advice, coaching and perspective to achieve financial and personal success.

Coaching, Consulting, Advisory Services


I heartily recommend that anyone launching a business -- or simply figuring out how to make money in these difficult economic times -- consult with Deborah. She has the gift of seeing what you need to do, even -- make that especially -- when you don't.   Ann Brenoff, The Huffington Post

Deborah has that unique blend of expertise, motivation and unapologetic drive that anyone starting their own business needs to be successful.  I hired Deborah to explore a start-up writing business and along the way, the perfect "real job" landed in my lap.  We shifted gears and she coached me through the negotiations.  Every minute counts with Deborah, and pays off in multiple ways.   Gwen Mayes, Healthcare Professional

Deborah, I can't thank you enough for far exceeding my expectations as I've worked and continue to work with you. You are creative, focused,multi talented, and so resourceful! You helped launch my practice and keep propelling me forward. I'd recommend you to all woman entrepreneurs who want to turn their dream into a reality!   Sara Freed, Marriage Coach